What’s Available

Are you wanting to live a healthier lifestyle without the daily battles of sickness, but aren’t quite sure where to start? That is where we come in. Wholesome offers a variety of functional medicine services and the positive reinforcement you need, so that you can concentrate on reaching all of your health and wellness goals. Take a look at some of the services we offer below, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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Virtual Individual Appointments: Coming Soon.

The functional medicine model of care is an individualized, patient-centered, science based approach that empowers patients and their practitioners to work collaboratively to address underlying causes of disease rather than treating the disease symptom.  This ensures optimal wellness as each patients lifestyle, biochemical and genetic factors are referenced to leverage high quality outcomes. If you need answers to your relentless health concerns, whether that is chronic fatigue, food intolerance/allergies, thyroid dysfunction, metabolic dysfunction, Wholesome is the place to start.  Lets get you back to optimal health and functioning.


Online Group Programs

Our group programs at Wholesome focus on hormone imbalances that affect both men and women. Each program will be delivered online and will involve an introductory course lecture on the topic being covered as well as ample toolkits and lifestyle education that will help you develop a strong foundational knowledgebase that will be used for the rest of your life.  Group member support from those with the same commonality of illness is a powerful healing tool for many.